Winery Waste to Energy

Revolutionize Your Waste

As an expert in delivering Waste-to-Energy solutions, Eco-Growth is committed to leaving a clean legacy.  We partner with clients to create a world where all people can pursue opportunities without waste. Vintners are very passionate about their products and bringing their exciting new creations to the marketplace.  They are equally passionate about the environment and the organic waste created by the processes involved in making libations. Eco-Growth’s Organic Reactors (EGORTM) and Biomass EcoBoilers are an ideal solution, the organic waste is turned into a combustible fuel source, which heats the water in the boiler system required in certain alcohol production processes.  Not only will you divert waste and reduce your gas bill, you will also have a carbon neutral operation. Our innovative technology complies with new organics by-laws, improves business performance, and allows our customers to get the most out of their waste. Get the most out of your waste and contact us today. 

Reduce your winery waste by up to 80% and turn it into renewable energy 

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